Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Angela Merkel Elevator - part 2

Keys shown in the video :
'y' - 0.10 seconds
'k' - 0.19 seconds
'j' - 0.39 seconds

I made the elevator look like a throne reflecting on the type of power Merkel has. I continued the idea of revolvement through out my design including the elevator. The bars closing down on Merkel protects her from the outside world as she is a high status politician.

Angela Merkel Elevator - part 1

Keys shown in the video are -
'u' - 0.04 seconds
'p' - 0.17 seconds
'o' - 0.25 seconds
'l' - 0.32 seconds

textures - 36



Hellen keller elevator

Keys to make elevator move : from hellen keller space to meeting point - 'T'
From Meeting point to Hellen Keller Space - 'R'

My concept behind this elevator is Hellen Keller is compelled to take the support of her surroundings when she moves around because of her disability.
This is shown in elevator in the way that it is always attached to the structure and the structure helps it navigate through to the meeting point.

Elevator Angela Merkel

I made Angela Merkels elevator look like a throne representing the type of power she has.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Final Crysis

This is a view of Hellen kellers space from the meeting point almost 100 metres away. My idea behind the table is this, the messy and sharp component under the surface of the table is common for both hellen keller and angela merkel but it has different meanings for both. In the case of Angela Merkel the messy part represents how politicians are honest and genuine on the surface, but deep inside are corrupted and shifty. Her chair (red one) looks a lot like a throne reflecting the intimidating power she possesses.
With Hellen Kellers side of the table the design represents how kellers disability has blocked her from being exposed to the corruption and dirt of this world, with the surface acting as a barrier. Hellen Keller's chair i made it as simple as possible as her power is more of inner and self power then outer or intimidating power.

View from Angela Merkel space showing one of the 4 bridge components. The idea behind this connection is that the curving poles of Merkels space act as a barrier offering protection from the outside world, people of her status require this privilege.

Another one of the bridge components connecting Merkels space to Kellers space. The idea behind this bridge component is that in contrast to the previous component where Merkels space blocked the component from entering her space, this component is attached directly into Keller's space, showing how easy it is for a politician like her to touch the hearts of normal civilians like us.

Simply a view of hellen kellers space from Angela Merkels space. Kellers Office is a cube representing purity, as she has not been corrupted by the world because of her disability. Even though she suffered from such a unfortunate condition she still remained optimistic and fought on in life to study and do great things. The many prismatic beam like structures coming out of the cube and 'travelling' in every direction represents this outgoing and positive attitude Keller had towards life.

A view of Angela Merkels space from Kellers space at night. As a high ranked politician Angela Merkel has a lot of authority and responsibility. The future of Germany and its population revolves around Merkels decisions. Therefore this structure gives a viewer a sense of revolving elements in space. Also it looks like a barrier providing protection, which is a privilege politicians need nowadays.

View of the 2 Spaces and the meeting point.

Mash Up

GERMAN Chancellor Angela Merkel has chosen her candidate to fill the vacant president's post – and may have written her own political death warrant with it.
The 30 June election could turn into a debacle for the besieged premier who is reeling over her handling of the Greek debt crisis, a kicking in a vital regional poll in May and now struggling to hold back the unions and the Left as she seeks to trim
a staggering 80 billion (£66 billion) from the national budget over the next four years.

"Merkel, a master tactician when it comes to the politics of power, has been outmanoeuvred for once, and could get into serious trouble as a result," said the influential news magazine Der Spiegel about the upcoming presidential vote. ------

Keller suffered a series of strokes in 1961 and spent the last years of her life at her home. On September 14, 1964, President Lyndon B. Johnson awarded Helen Keller the Presidential Medal of Freedom, one of the United States` highest two civilian honors. In 1965 she was elected to the National Women`s Hall of Fame at the New York World`s Fair. Keller devoted much of her later life to raising funds for the American Foundation for the Blind. She died in her sleep on June 1, 1968 at her home, Arcan Ridge, located in Westport, Connecticut. A service was held in her honor at the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. and her ashes were placed there next to her constant companions, Anne Sullivan and Polly Thompson.-----

David Kiely, a stockbroker with Macquarie Private Wealth, became an overnight star - and landed himself in hot water - after being filmed looking at revealing pictures of supermodel Miranda Kerr live on television.

The MacBank client investment manager will meet with the bank’s executives this week to determine his future after the video of him perusing Ms Kerr’s assets in the background of a live cross to the Seven Network went viral on YouTube, reports The Australian.

The footage on YouTube has received more than 77,000 hits while the clip on The Daily Telegraph's website has been viewed more than 20,000 times.

Mr Kiely was still employed by the bank today, but a series of meetings with Macquarie’s human resources and senior bank executives are expected to take place this week.

The gaffe occurred when Mr Kiely opened a number of emails containing photographs of Kerr from a recent GQ shoot, while his colleague Martin Lakos was live on air with the Seven Network, discussing the Reserve Bank’s decision to keep interest rates on hold yesterday.

The mistake prompted Macquarie’s human resources unit to email the bank’s 11,500 staff across the world with a copy of its internet policy, which they should “familiarise themselves with”.


handling the post of the president is an honor. but a staggering number of humans went into debt overnight, after which death rates were highest

Crysis file


With my crysis environment - it is saved with all the vegetation hidden as my computer could not handle the load. So when you open it click on the modify tab on the tool bar on the left . and click vegetation then tick the default box to view the trees.

sketchup- elevator and table

z3291565_ARCH1101_elevator_table_final: "

3D model by
Anegela Merkels and Hellen Keller's elevator

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